1991-Graduates exhibitions,Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem 1991-Graduates
1992-Vessels, Shlush Shloshim Gallery,Tel Aviv 1992-
1993-Segment, Artist House, Jerusalem 1993-
1995-Ten Vessels, Tel Aviv Performing Art Center 1995-
"Ten Vessels",
2001-Vessels, Savyon 2001-
2002-More Vessels, Beit Aharon Kahana, Ramat Gan 2002-
"More Vessels",
periscope 2006-
periscope 2010-

Born in Mexico City, Jacaranda Kori moved to Israel upon the onset of her studies in the Department of Ceramic Design at the "Bezalel Academy of Art & Design Jerusalem".
Following her studies, she moved to Florentine and created in her Neve Zedek studio.
Both of these unique neighborhoods serve Jacaranda as a muse in the creation of her unusual designs.
Her creations combine the high with the low and place the classic in collaboration with the contemporary.

As she designs her next object, the eclectic disciplines of art history and ceramic design are never far away.
Indeed inspiration arrives via Agean vessels or those of the Rococco era. Vessels characterized by definite components: foot, body and lip.
Moreover, as she remains true to the traditional nature of vessels and their materials, she harmonizes these traditions with her particular world of ready-mades such as buttons, nails and furniture fixtures.
Each vessel attests to the balance between the original and the fake as well as the ceremonial and the mundane, thereby redefining a new world.

Lea Peretz
1993, "Segment"

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