1991-Graduates exhibitions,Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem 1991-Graduates
1992-Vessels, Shlush Shloshim Gallery,Tel Aviv 1992-
1993-Segment, Artist House, Jerusalem 1993-
1995-Ten Vessels, Tel Aviv Performing Art Center 1995-
"Ten Vessels",
2001-Vessels, Savyon 2001-
2002-More Vessels, Beit Aharon Kahana, Ramat Gan 2002-
"More Vessels",
periscope 2006-
periscope 2010-

Jacaranda Kori's early works were striking in their size, details, and hues.
Rather than attempting to draw a link with that past, she seeks in the current exhibition to make a different kind of statement by displaying what might be called an artistic mosaic.

More vessels. By their rediscovery as works of art, these pieces, while a continuation of the artist's earlier approach,acquire a different aspect,another direction in which she takes the same tradition.
This is prominent both in their dimensions and in their coherent embellishment, a seemingly free weave in the clay that reveals outstanding skill.
The vessels become objects which pose a challenge for dealing with form, pot, size, and glazing.

The exhibition displays a series of different and contrasting vessels. There is no conceptual consistency here, but rather a rich collection of different conceptual ideas provoked by the changes the artist has experienced since her early works.
Over the course of time, her art is associated with different factors which infuse it and alter its significance.

Kori's unique and highly personal work derives primarily from what might be thought of as modulations of a musical scale, new harmonic lines that reveal the characteristic signature of the artist and impact on the shape, aura, theme, and size of each vessel.
The round geometrical bases are "restrained," while the edgings of the tall upper sections are designed in a graceful fragile line.
The sharp transitions between the groups, presented in a range of variations, are obvious. Tiny vessels bearing a single ring of "flowers" are incorporated within enveloping circles of goblets, which lose their delicate look when fashioned in clay.
The series of "planter" vessels are studded with clear orderly lines and fragments of different kinds in refreshing vivid hues.

The exhibition reveals the unique quality of Jacaranda Kori, her originality in the choice of subject and the splendid placement of each section as befits its character, coloration, dimensions, and decoration.

Ina Aruetty
2002, "More Vessels"

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